Happy 2 Years!

We got married on November 22, 2013. It was a freezing day, although you couldn’t tell from any of the pictures.

We were beyond happy. It was amazing to see all our family and friends together to celebrate with us. There was a different light in our eyes when we realized we were finally sealed to each other for eternity.

Looking back over the last year, I realize how much easier it was than our first year of marriage. I started my first full time job, and then a second, and we finally fell into a routine and we saw each other more often due to our similar schedules. We also experienced more joy when Jeff left his job and started his own business. We also learned how to communicate more and just say what was on our mind.

We spent our anniversary in Idaho. My cousin got married on November 21st, so we celebrated with them then went out to dinner and explored Idaho Falls and stopped at Lava Hot Springs on the way home. It was a relaxing weekend and it was fun to spend it together.

I love this man and can’t wait to see where this next year takes us. Now enjoy photos that we took as we froze our fingers off walking around Idaho Falls.

Scarf: TJ Maxx (Similar Here) Dress: Piper and Scoot Boots: Nordstrom (Similar Here) Necklace: Similar Here Jeff’s Wool Jacket: Similar Here



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Fall Plaid

Wind chill sucks. The temperature can be 55 degrees Fahrenheit, but wind chill can make it feel more like 30 degrees. I’m not being dramatic here at all! But it makes it perfect for my new blanket scarf!! At first I wasn’t sure if I would like it, but I just always want to be wrapped up in it. Also, it smells really good. Like just from packaging I guess, which sounds weird and it is, but whatever, it smells good.

I also love my maxi skirt. It’s actually long enough that you can only see like an inch of those nude heels, but you can’t actually tell when it’s windy. It’s a sheer skirt with lining that goes to my knees and a slit on one side. I could have bought it and had it sit at my hips, but it’s an incredibly long skirt, plus I think it’s more flattering when it’s at my waist.

Sometimes I feel goofy with poses so I decided to try a different one (last picture) and I just shake my head at it. Ha! It’s funny and you can clearly tell that I was a ballerina (still one at heart). Plus you can see me looking at my neighbors like “so what?!” as they are thinking I’m crazy.

Scarf: TJ Maxx (Similar Here)

Skirt: Banana Republic (Similar Here)

111515(5)111515 (1) 11515(2)111515(3) 111515(4)

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If We Had Coffee Right Now…

In an effort to stay real and show everyone who I am, I will do periodic posts called “If we had coffee right now…” and it’s basically what I would tell you as we sat there and caught up.

I would tell you about how I feel like I hardly have time to sit and relax and be alone with my brain turned off. I work full time and have two part time jobs. On Monday’s and Wednesday’s I work at a restaurant as a server and on Thursday’s and Saturday’s I work at a dinner prep place. Tuesday’s and either at the dinner prep place, or working with my dad. The only time I can sit in sweats on the couch is Friday nights. I’m also trying to create a successful blog and then I have my family/wife duties of playing with my (ADORABLE) dogs and spending time with my husband.

On the bright side, Jeff’s business is starting to pick up and I think I’m more excited about it than he is. It’ll be such a blessing when he has steady work coming in – and it is beginning. It’s been such a blessing to have Jeff start his own business. He is SO much happier than I’ve ever seen him. Even when we were in the Philippines, he wasn’t this happy. He also believes in himself, and that is bigger than you might think! He hasn’t really ever had someone that believes in him and it’s surprising how many people have been putting him down – it’s even surprising WHO is putting him down.

Those are like the only big (and small) things going on for me right now. I am constantly working. I did watch Inside Out for the first time on Friday night and I loved it! It was so good and make me think a little differently about emotions and memories.

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Sequin Gingham

110615(3) 110715(1) 110715(2) 110715(5) 110715(6)

Shirt: Banana Republic (Similar Here) Cardigan: old. Necklace: old. (Similar Here)

I never wear this much navy. Let me just say that. Maybe I’ve been styling outfits around navy since it’s so different for me.

Since it’s been freezing in Utah, I’ve been trying to wear this wool blazer/cardigan a lot because it’s so warm and easier to move around in than a jacket or coat. We were headed to a birthday party for a family member and it was inside, but at a park, so we really had no idea what to expect – it ended up being perfect. Because of the sparkles and the gingham print, I chose to go with more subtle accessories, like my long coin necklace and some simple bracelets.

Yes I know I’m a freaking cutie (last picture).

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Guys! I am so excited (and really freaking nervous) to be hosting a giveaway! I never thought the day would come!

The first giveaway happens to be my favorite watch from MemeBoutique! I love looking down at my wrist throughout the day and see a map of the world. One of my many dreams is to travel the world and this watch keeps that dream at the front of my mind.

Head over to my Instagram (@natashaballif) to enter! The giveaway will close on Wednesday November 18th at midnight MST. The winner will be announced on Thursday November 19th.

Good Luck!




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Shopping Spree!

If I were to go shopping today – these are the items I would buy.

What are the items that would be in your bag?

Faux Leather Loafers: Forever 21

faux leather loafers

Grey Denim: Gap

Grey Denim

Navy Flowy Dress: Piper and Scoot

Navy Flow Dress

Pointed Toe Flat : Old Navy

Pointed Toe Flat

Striped Peplum Top: Mindy Mae’s Market

Striped Peplum

Wool Heel: Piper and Scoot

Wool Heel

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Fall Colorblock

This bold color block top is one of my go to sweaters because it’s simple and easy to style. I love the brightness and the warmth of it. It’s perfect for those cold offices and bone-chilling windy days. I have it paired with my leather gold chain necklace (it’s kind of bizarre where instead of a regular necklace connector clasp, it’s like a belt… or a dog collar, but I love the way it hangs), a lion bracelet, and my world map watch.

11315(1) 11315(2) 11315(3) 11315(4) 11315(5) 11315(6) 11315(7)

Sweater: Banana Republic (Similar Here and Here)

Pants: Banana Republic (these are my favorite pants of all time!)

Boots: Walmart

Necklace: Banana Republic (Similar Here)

Bracelet: old (Similar Here)

Watch: MemeBoutiques

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