Chasing Dreams

  I’ve loved calligraphy for a while now. I’ve spent a lot of my time doing fake calligraphy and within the past, probably 3-4 months, I’ve really gotten into real calligraphy and it’s amazing how simple, and how beautiful it turns out. My goal for the new year is called Project Create 366. I want… More Chasing Dreams

Striped Camel

I have the saddest story! I’m wearing my favorite necklace. It goes with everything and it’s simple and UHHH, I just freaking love it. AND IT BROKE! My husband and I were fake fighting in the kitchen and he tried to punch my face and I turned away and it got stuck on his arm… More Striped Camel

Holiday Sequin Outfit

It’s incredible how gold sequins can completely change the feel of an outfit and there is no easier way to create a classy holiday outfit. This is my favorite skirt although it’s difficult to wear it often because of the loudness of it. The shirt is from Banana Republic; a similar shirt can be found… More Holiday Sequin Outfit

Gingerbread Houses

Making gingerbread houses is one of the most well known Christmas traditions, but this is the first year I actually made one. Some of our friends invited us over and they had actually made the gingerbread and the pieces. It was incredible and now my house smells amazing because of the house. Our friends also… More Gingerbread Houses

Maroon Day Dream

Today in Utah it’s been snowing like crazy! It’s been taking people hours to get to work and after it took me 45 minutes to drive 2 miles to the freeway entrance, I decided to turn around and go home instead of sit in traffic for 3 hours. It’s been a perfect day filled with… More Maroon Day Dream

Mustard Denim

It’s Friday! Since starting my job, I’ve come to love “Fri-YAY!” because the office is so empty on Friday’s. Anyway, I got on here to show you an outfit I put together from clothes I don’t wear too often (minus the wool jacket). I’ve actually had this mustard shirt for a couple years; I think… More Mustard Denim


Happiness comes from within. You can’t base your happiness off of someone else or something else. You can’t get happiness from likes or comments or followers. You can’t get happiness from a negative place. Sometimes happiness comes from unplugging and allowing yourself to focus on what is important in life – my dogs and my… More Happiness