Easter Looks

Sigh. There is nothing more refreshing than getting out of Utah in the spring. If you aren’t from Utah, then you don’t understand the amount of snow it gets in the springtime. The last week has been cold and rainy and the week before that seemed to be overcast the entire time. My mom recently… More Easter Looks


Hey FRIENDS! I’m so excited for this giveaway! Caris of Porsch Stores, is sponsoring a giveaway here at Natasha’s Narration. The winner gets the adorable white eyelet skirt pictured above. Caris has recently come out with an ebook about organizing your closet and you can find it HERE. I’ve downloaded her ebook and I can… More GIVEAWAY!!!

Black and Gold

Meet Baxter! Sir Baxterior Maximus – super adult and professional name for him. My husband named him. Most champion dogs have ridiculous names so we thought we’d jump on board with it. That’s what I call winning at life. Baxter is a UKC Champion. His leash sits right under his jaw and helps keep his… More Black and Gold

Friday Favorites!

GUYS! Succulents! I’ve always loved them, but now I’m obsessed! I bought 4 pots, but they all had multiple plants in them so I spread them all out and I just have a little succulent farm! One of my favorite parts was going to Deseret Industries to search for cute little pots. I found a… More Friday Favorites!

St. George

We spent a couple days in St. George, Utah because I had a work conference. Jeff spend the days in the hotel room doing his work, and I spent my time sitting at a counter keeping track of adults. It’s nice to see that no matter how old I become, I will never get away… More St. George

Leather Polka Dots

I have a confession to make… I have a love affair going with black! It’s so classy and elegant. You can wear black anything and it all looks good together and it’s slimming. My wardrobe used to be all black, but I’ve tried to branch out to different colors. Lately I’ve been missing my black-dominant… More Leather Polka Dots

Spring Denim

There is nothing better than planning out cute outfits for the upcoming season. Lately I’ve been loving the denim on denim look, the Signature Gap look, and the light, spring feel of the green cardigan. The coin necklace has been around for a while now, but I absolutely love the style and have yet to… More Spring Denim

Maroon Gingham

Life has been pretty hectic lately. We are in the process of moving and putting our townhouse up for sale, so not only are we packing, but we are also painting and repairing small things in our house. One day I’ll get back to regularly posting things, but until then, THANK YOU so much for… More Maroon Gingham


I want to start featuring my favorite shops. It’ll just be a small post just to show my favorite places to shop. This month will be Clad&Cloth. The idea behind Clad&Cloth is to inspire women and girls to be confident and independent. They don’t need short or revealing clothing to make them stand out in… More Clad&Cloth