Being True to You!

I feel like I’m being all self-righteous on this blog, but this is what is going on in my life right now.

My lesson learned from this last week or two has been to do what is right for you. I’ve been wondering if leaving Toyota Bountiful was the right thing to do because I rushed into it, but this week I received my answer.

The first answer has to do with my photography. I truly have a passion for photography and want to create a business for it, but I don’t want to seem extremely pushy to all my social media friends. Anyway, one of my unwritten and recently decided goals for the summer is to photograph 50 new people and do it creatively. I don’t want to have a set thing to do for the shoot and I want to use it as a creative outlet from how taxing this semester has been. So I put it on Facebook, just asking if anyone would be interested in being a model and saying that I want to get out of my comfort zone. I received lots of feedback and I was surprised at how many people want to help out and get some pictures. But from that, I’ve also received lots of “you can take my family pictures!” and a “you can photograph my wedding reception, i’m looking for people who don’t want to get paid.” Which is wrong – that last one kind of made my eye twitch. Anyway, I did have a few people that messaged me and asked if I would seriously take pictures of them and they would pay me. So I feel like my business will really pick up with all this free evening time I’m going to have.

My second answer came from Banana Republic. I work with the most awesome people there. I’m going to be getting like double the hours I do now, and I learned today that one of the leader’s is moving to LA in August – so naturally, I want to train and take her position, but I felt awkward saying something so I was planning on how I would bring that up. Anyway, while I was contemplating on how to bring that up, the same leader that is leaving came up to me and asked if I wanted to start learning about the jewelry and I would become the ‘jewelry specialist,’ which I know is a stepping stone for that lead position.

So I’m ecstatic for this opportunity and I really hope this works out! I really love Banana Republic, the environment, the people, and their involvement in the community (local and global).

Get ready for more pictures! Now that school is mostly done, I’m going to be taking pictures of everything I can!

Love, Natasha

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